Boy Meets Hero Comic

It was fun while it lasted!
After 11 years we've decided to call it day on Boy Meets Hero Comics. Thank you so much to all our fans and friends who supported us over the years!

Our Facebook page will remain active so please stay in touch!


Words of praise from a few of our satisfied clients

Character Design
OH my gosh!  What a gorgeous image!!!! The water is so amazing!!!! You guys have mad skillz!!!! This is so beautiful!  I hope you open for commissions again, cause I will for sure take one! -Matthew

Outstanding. I always get a thrill when I get the final work from you guys. I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating that your art makes our characters look absolutely amazing. I can't thank you enough (again) for taking the time to work on these for me- Eric

Absolutely perfect. I love the added background elements you did on this. Fantastic. I always know you guys will do a stunning job, but honest to God you never fail to consistently just blow me out of the water with the end results.  - Eric

I can’t tell you how cool it is to see this character actually come to life. Thanks so much for working on him and getting what I was looking for.

Superhero caricature
I simply love it!  Thank you for doing such a terrific job . . . made my week! -Mark

"House Boy" board game - character design
Holy Shizmoly, Boys!  You rock!  Garage Boy is way hot.  I printed both pics out and took them with us to our upscale cocktail night at one of the bars here in town that we frequent every Wednesday for GLEE-peats (repeat watchings of GLEE).  Your drawings were all the talk, even amidst all the rabid GLEEKS.  There was even a request that you guys come to town for a meet and greet.
- Jim, Cheeky Dingo Games

"House Boy" board game - cover-art
I think this is way better than anything I had imagined!
-Jim, Cheeky Dingo Games


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